3D Print Expo on the Robotics exhibition

3D printers manufacturers claim that soon their printing devices will make a whole industrial revolution! This week, 3D printing devices manufacturers will demonstrate to the public how an architectural project, a complex structural detail or even the model of a new car can become real just in a few hours.

On the 24th – 25th of October, ECC “Sokolniki” will host the first Russian Robotics Expo exhibition, dedicated to the robotics and advanced technologies. 3D Print Expo booth will show the first unique RepRap mechanism (Replicating Rapid-Prototypera), self-replicating system for quick prototype manufacturing, created by the Russian inventors.

3D Print Expo exhibition specialists, together with printers3d.ru company which has kindly provided its invention for the installation, will tell about the modern possibilities to print materials that are vital for different industries, using this equipment. For the first time, visitors will see the whole process of printing with all the details and will test Russian 3d printer that costs three times less than its foreign equivalents.


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