Startup Battle at Robotics Expo: participation terms, judges and investors’ tips

Startup Battle at Robotics Expo: participation terms, judges and investors’ tips

November 25 at 11 a.m., the Startup Battle will take place on the main stage of Robotics Expo, allowing developers of unique projects to show their innovative solutions to industry experts and invited investors. After presenting their concepts, participants will immediately receive a feedback from specialists.

Which categories of startups are allowed for participation?

Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, VR/AR, Computer Vision, BigData Analytics, Generative design, additive manufacturing, self-driving vehicles, UAVs, blockchain and machine learning, automation.

What is required for presentation?

One should prepare a brief 3-minute presentation + 2 minutes for answers. It is important to define the purpose of the project, implementation time, ROI terms and percentage for an investor, your target segment, product value for the target audience and alternative market solutions.

Who will judge?

Judges will include the following representatives of venture funds:

  • Alexander Saltykov (Phystech Ventures);
  • Alexander Rukin (EDevelopment);
  • Alexander Bakaev (PhilTech);
  • Elena Gavrilova (Business Incubator);
  • Vitaliy Vinogradov (Rubicon);
  • Kira Egorova (Startup Agency);
  • Maxim Shekhovtsov (Genezis Technology Capital);
  • Dmitry Kravtsov (Quantum Wave Fund);
  • Nikita Yuriev (IIDF);
  • Alexander Korchevskiy (I2BF Global Ventures);
  • Sergey Vasilev (Starta Capital);
  • Dmitriy Polyakov (Softline Venture Partners);
  • Elena Privalova (

Business angels will include Lev Samsonov, Alexander Seliverstov, Dima Sutormin, Pavel Baskir, Elman Kuazimov, Ilya Rodin, Vagan Martirosyan.

The startup battle will be held with support of GenerationS, the largest federal accelerator of technological startups in the Russian Federation and Eastern European countries that cooperates with Russian corporations interested in prospective technologies.

A moderator of the Startup Battle will be Ekaterina Mordvintseva – ICO Evangelist in Russia Ekaterina is one of the leading experts in the field of acceleration and business training of high-tech projects in the insurance, financial, digital assets and detachment segment. The creator and presenter of Russia's first ICO-Battle, an interactive business show with investors and start-ups.

What gift will the winner receive?

Startup Battle winner will be able to participate in Robotics Expo 2018 as an exhibitor for free! The startup will be provided with a stand, allowing to present its own ready-made product. Besides, the best projects will be supported by investors.

What do judges recommend to participants?

Dmitriy Kravtsov: “Be open to investors, as only they are really interested in the project success and are fully ready to encourage it.”

Elena Privalova: “You should understand the market and environment you are going to work in and associate yourself with its players. Moreover, learn how to answer questions clearly, even if they seem to be trivial.”

Alexander Rukin: “Select a profession for life. Your favorite activity should not be like ‘I want to be a businessperson/startuper, create some kind of a hype story’. It is better to focus on engineering, scientific, creative work in order to implement your startup idea. I wish everyone’s favorite activity coincides with either a startup or work and business.”

If your project is your hobby, hurry up to take part in the Startup Battle and find an investor for its implementation! Register!

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