Bosch will present its robotics on Robotics Expo


At exhibition of robotics and advanced technology Robotics Expo 2013 a world-renowned supplier of technology and services in automotive and industrial engineering Bosch will present its robotic household appliances.

Robert Bosch GmbH is the world famous German brand, providing equipment around the world. The company was founded in 1886. The first representative office in Russia was opened in 1997 in Moscow. Today, Bosch has three own productions in the country (two factories in Engels and one factory in Togliatti).

At Robotics Expo Bosch will present its latest development - robotic lawnmower Indego.

Indego is robotic lawnmower that has intelligent navigation system and mows the grass all by itself and mows area cleanly on the calculated route. Device is elaborated to the last details – it automatically measures your garden, calculates the shortest possible route and gets mowing in orderly parallel lines. Lawnmower is charged autonomously. It can be used in most weather conditions, handles up to 35 % slopes, boasts all-round safety features and is protected from theft by a PIN and alarm system.

Since development of household robotics is gaining momentum at the moment, at the thematic exhibition special attention will be paid to it. At Robotics Expo everyone can get acquainted with "smart" household appliances and choose something for themselves.

Also in the framework of exhibition Robotics Conference will be held, it will bring together speakers to discuss and solve important problems in sphere of robotics. Marketing expert at Bosch Julia Antoschenkova will take part in the conference. She will make a presentation on "BOSCH Innovative Technologies in gardening equipment".

Robotics Expo to be held 24-25 October in ECC "Sokolniki" (Moscow) will be the main business event of the year in the world of robotics and advanced technology.


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