Be the first to test new Fibrum AR headset at Robotics Expo!

Be the first to test new Fibrum AR headset at Robotics Expo!

Wanna get new experiences but there’s no time for the parachute jump? Visit Robotics Expo, which will take place on 27-29 of November at ECC Sokolniki, and try on Fibrum headset!

Unlike Western analogies, Fibrum is affordable and supports wide range of mobile devices. New device is compatible with any iOS, Android and Windows Phone smartphone.

Fibrum looks like Oculus VR headset, but it works only in connection with communicator inserted into headset. You’ll need a 4,6” – 6” screen phone.

Developers say that Fibrum is convenient and small, and the smartphone can be placed and centered easily. There’re four fixators on the edges that center the phone vertically. For horizontal installation, a specific frame appears before the app is started and phone takes the proper position.

Wanna find out and see more? Visit Robotics Expo!

Immersion into the VR has never been easier! Welcome to the future with Fibrum and Robotics Expo!

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