What if your colleague is a robot

What if your colleague is a robot

We do not notice how they slowly occupy our jobs. Maybe, one of them will sit in your chair “with a straight face” in a few years, because it is smarter and more efficient. And this is not a fantasy.

According to the Russian Association of Robotics (RAR), the total number of robots produced for industrial purposes has more than doubled in recent years. The labor market will change dramatically due to the widespread introduction of artificial intelligence.

Hundreds of robots already work at large factories and plants in Europe, the United States of America, South Korea and Japan. Russia does not lag behind as well: for example, about 500 robots work at KamAZ, and it is planned to increase this number almost twice in the coming years.

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Robots can perform not only mechanical work. For example, in China, there are restaurants that have replaced their wait staff with robots. Such restaurants are extremely popular both among tourists and local people. People are really delight when a creature with artificial intelligence brings them coffee.

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Medicine is another important area that robots are being implemented in. There is a growing need for high-quality helpers who could accurately assist doctors during difficult surgeries. This function can be provided by artificial intelligence. Moreover, there are cases when robots even managed to control the biggest surgeries!

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Robotics technology is also used in nursing care and post-hospital rehabilitation. The widespread introduction of robots in medicine is just a matter of time.

Still, the possibility of complete replacement of people with robots in such areas as driving a car, journalism or even literature, shocks and arouses mistrust. Meanwhile, the development of unmanned cars and buses has been going on for a long time, and a robotic journalist has already been created and tested in United States. It writes much faster than people do, and his articles are much more accurate and informative. How long will it take to find the algorithm that allows robots to create novels, plays and poetry?

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Robotics is rapidly developing. Science and technologies are not static, the widespread implementation of smart machines is just a matter of time. Many jobs are likely to become inaccessible to a person, as robots will work instead. We hope that this will only do us good.


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