Denis Kalyshkin from I2BF Global Ventures to judge Startup Battle at Robotics Expo

Denis Kalyshkin from I2BF Global Ventures to judge Startup Battle at Robotics Expo

November 25, Robotics Expo will include the Startup Battle, involving young high-tech projects. They will be assessed by judges, consisting of 15 investors, business angels and accelerators.

Meet the first judge: Denis Kalyshkin, a partner of the I2BF Global Ventures fund.

He is responsible for modern technologies at the company: artificial intelligence, robotics, Internet of Things etc. Prior to I2BF, he has been an analyst at Sberbank of Russia and a financial analyst at Finematika. He graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology with the degree in applied mathematics and physics as well as from the National Research University - Higher School of Economics with a degree in finances.

In an interview to Robotics Expo, Denis has noted that the I2BF fund is interested in a wide variety of hardware and software solutions, touching upon processes of mining minerals to delivering final products to a store, as well as in new 4.0 industry projects:

“I2BF has invested in more than 45 startups throughout the world. As a result of team’s accumulated experience, we invest in industrial technologies. Robotics, artificial intelligence and industrial Internet of Things are trends we believe in and that cannot be ignored. ”

He has also specified features the team rely upon while choosing s startup:

“The main aspects for us are a demand and scale of solutions on the global market, availability of MVP, first sales or pilots with customers, teams with skills sets and enough ambitions for project implementation.”

Besides, Denis will share tips with Startup Battle participants:

  • Do not invent robots for yourselves but solve customers’ real problems.

“Be honest with yourself when the market does not require your robot for a certain task or if the technology does not allow to implement your idea in the near 5-10 years,” Denis commented on.

  • Do not address investors too soon.

“If you have only a training humanoid with popping out cables and does not know its purpose, you need a grant for the R&D rather than venture investments,” the specialist added.

  • Think globally.

“Russia won’t be the number one market in terms of robotics within the coming 5 years, thus you will have to compete for international markets,” he noticed.

Do you have all done? Fill in the form to participate in the Startup Battle. Hurry up! Applications are accepted until October 15.

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