Exclusive Mannequin Robots at Robotics Expo 2014

Exclusive Mannequin Robots at Robotics Expo 2014

Robotics Expo 2014 is an annual advanced technologies and robotics exhibition, which will take place on 27-29 of November in ECC Sokolniki, Moscow, gathering leading robotics market players, manufacturers, developers of software and hardware for the second time. This year, KB-220 volt (КБ-220вольт) is going to be one of the participants and present its unique developments – mannequin robots.

This technology is a proven and efficient advertising method for new customers acquisition in various business areas. Mannequin robot creates a lively, interesting and memorable company image, focusing on the modern and fresh view of business operation.

Mannequin robots are primarily designed for shop windows or retail floors. Robot is programmed for the particular overview area and when a person steps into it, robot makes certain moves to attract attention to products or their location.

KB-220 volt’s robots look like real mannequins, but have significantly more possibilities than a usual plastic humanlike figure. This machine can easily be dressed in any cloths. For example, mannequin robot “HAMMER” can react to the passing-by human, moving his head and body, greeting people in pleasant voice and offer interactive display for acquiring information about products, their availability and price.

Developers say that mannequin robots provide great possibilities for attracting customers using high interactivity level in communication with people. Moreover, different behavior programs allow creating a unique advertising campaign.

You can see KB-220 volt’s mannequin robots, explore their functionality and upgrade prospects, as well as discover latest developments in Russian and global robotics only at Robotics Expo 2014, on 27-29 of November, in Moscow.

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