Emma, the unique robotic therapist that can give a massage

Emma, the unique robotic therapist that can give a massage

Due to the improvement of quality of medical services and the living standards, there are positive changes in the dynamics of mortality among the elderly. Today, many people overcome the barrier of 60 years and live to a ripe old age. However, older people need the services of physical therapists. As there is no sufficient number of qualified doctors, a special robot Emma has been designed to solve the problem.

Emma is a machine manipulator designed by a young company AiTreat with the support of a specialist Alberta Zhang from the Nanyang Technological University. At the moment, the robot-masseur is used in test mode in Kin-tech Tong medical center. Emma system has given a massage to more than fifty patients, proved in practice that it can relieve the elderly from aching or sharp pain in the back, neck, shoulders, etc.

Emma – уникальный робот-физиотерапевт для массажа

A feature of the robot is that it can evaluate the state of the muscles of the patient before and after the treatment. This data is then uploaded to the cloud, where the doctors can view them. Of course, data analysis makes treatment with the help of intelligent machines more efficient and quick.

The first version of Emma robot is quite bulky. Therefore, developers are already thinking on the creation of the second generation of mechanical massage therapists that will be more compact.

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