Fora Robotics to participate in Robotics Expo 2017

Fora Robotics to participate in Robotics Expo 2017

The Fora Robotics team will bring three unique robots to Robotics Expo 2017: TrueBot, InMoov, and R2D2!

Fora Robotics is engaged in robotic solutions, mechatronics investigations, and humanoid prototype development. The company also designs and creates customized high-end robotic devices.

Fora Robotics is going to present three robots:

  1. TrueBot: HR representative and robotic polygraph able to ask people questions and track their response. It can conduct tests and job interviews.
  2. InMoov: an anthropoid robot integrated with 3D printed details. This concept belongs to French designer Gael Langevin.
  3. R2D2: a clone of the same-name droid from Star Wars. It is able to navigate in space using sensors, analyze a way, and maneuver around obstacles.

Robotics Expo is dedicated to robotics novelties and innovations. It is the fifth year that the major exhibition is bringing together its followers. Attendees will be able to enjoy a spectacular two-day program, including a conference and lectures, Startup Battle, Robo sumo competition, and various workshops.

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