Off-road solowheels, and HR robots! Attending Robotics Expo

Off-road solowheels, and HR robots! Attending Robotics Expo

From robotic lawn mowers to the best modern android: Robotics Expo will gather top robots for home and business on November 25-26! Let’s get acquainted!

At the robotics and innovations exhibition, you will meet:

1. AlanTim (the Moscow Technological Institute) – an autonomous service robot that ‘works’ as a deputy chairperson of the robotics department at the Moscow Technological Institute. The robot knows over 4000 words, delivers lectures to students, and helps scientists to make researches.

2. Truebot (Fora Robotics) – a human-sized HR robot that can run interviews and monitor people’s reactions. Its skills make it an irreplaceable assistant for HR departments and research institutes.

And also:

3. R2D2 (Fora Robotics) – an exact copy of the legendary robot from Star Wars that communicates without words.

4. KIKI (Alfa Robotics) – a robotic female promoter that perfectly handles business promotion tasks. KIKI can provide information about company’s services, consult on specific issues, or redirect to a corresponding specialist, as well as maintain a conversation on general topics.

5. R.Bot 100 ( – an advertising robot that can increase brand recognition thanks to its communicative skills.

And what’s more:

6. PadBot (GBL Robotics) – a telepresence robot that allows easily solving the problem of the distance. It helps to hold inter-city conferences and teach physically disabled children.

7. ExpoBot (AVS Robotics) – an entertainment autonomous robot for exhibitions, shopping centers, and other crowded areas.

8. Robomow (Robomow) – a robotic lawn mower that mows the lot while its owners are having some rest. It not only checks on the height of grass but also waters and fertilizes the lawn.

And finally:

9. Solowheel (Solowheel) – the latest solowheel that will easily drive the user through areas where nobody has ever planned to lay asphalt. It will master any surface except for the water.

And that isn’t all! Come to Robotics Expo to see all robots!

Hurry to register until November 24, as during the event (November 25-26) prices will go up twofold!

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