FURO-D Humanoid Robot Will Be Welcoming Robotics Expo Visitors

FURO-D Humanoid Robot Will Be Welcoming Robotics Expo Visitors

On 27-29 of November, 2014, ECC Sokolniki will host massive cutting-edge technologies and robotics exhibition Robotics Expo, which will surprise visitors with different innovational devices.

Particularly, one of the them is autonomous humanoid robot FURO-D, presented by NaviRobot. It can talk to people using voice, namely speech synthesizing technology developed by Speech Technology Center.

FURO-D promo robot is the only product of such technology level on the Russian market, designed for interactive engagement of guests at the events and in public places: airports, banks, restaurants, shopping and entertainment, as well as medical centers, hotels and offices.

Robot has quite nice futuristic design, animated avatar, pleasant voice with natural tone and ability to keep dialogue going on any topic, which allows him not only gather attention but also efficiently fulfill functions of promoter, secretary, consultant or any other service staff.

FURO-D voice interface can function basing on VoiceNavigator solution created by Speech Technology Center and ensured creation of cutting-edge, convenient and efficient self-servicing voice system. Possibility of enlarging the database and improving dialogues logic make FURO-D a unique marketing tool capable of active and soft promotion of any products and services.

Want to meet FURO-D? Visit Robotics Expo starting on November 27, in ECC Sokolniki (7/1, 5-iy Luchevoy prosek, pavilion 2)!

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