Hobot-168 - the world's first multi-functional glass-cleaning robot at Robotics Expo


Many people are already using consumer robots to do dry and wet cleaning. Until recently, there were no robotic devices that were capable of holding to vertical surface. For example, one had to wash windows, mirrors and other vertical glass surfaces in a usual way. Now you can forget about this kind of cleaning as well - there is an intelligent robot Hobot-168 that can wash windows.

Hobot-168 is a multi-functional robot for cleaning windows, walls and floors, and you can get to know more about this robot at the exhibition of robotics and advanced technology Robotics Expo 2014.

Hobot is the world's first multi-functional robot for cleaning windows and glass. Powerful vacuum motor allows the robot to be hold to virtually any vertical or horizontal surface. In addition to cleaning windows and glass, you can use it as a device floors and walls cleaning.

Hobot-168 is also equipped with an intelligent system that calculates path, auto-detects fringe of window, auto-cleans entire window of up to 6 m width.

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Since today the development of consumer robotics is gaining rapid momentum, and at the themed exhibition special attention will be given to this sphere. Everyone interested will have an opportunity to get acquainted with "smart" machines for home and choose something for themselves at the show.

Exhibition of robotics and advanced technology Robotics Expo will be held on 27-28 November 2014 in ECC "Sokolniki" and will provide its exhibitors and visitors with a unique platform to carry constructive dialogue between developers and potential customers, and to showcase the latest achievements in the industry.

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