How to succeed in the field of robotics: read educational literature!

 How to succeed in the field of robotics: read educational literature!

For successful development and career building, each of us should keep pace with the times and realities of the modern world. This rule is especially true for those who are engaged or want to be engaged with innovative technologies.

Since the technology is not standing still, we must understand that continuously gaining theoretical knowledge and practical skills is the main key to success in this industry.

Rapid development of technology - emergence of computers, mobile phones, all sorts of gadgets and devices, robots – it all promotes scientific and technical creativity of youth and enhances the image of engineering profession.

Specialized literature can become a theoretical basis of such interest.

At Robotics Expo 2014 company "Planet Alliance" - a special partner of the exhibition and its participant - will present such literature.

"Planet Alliance" is engaged in wholesale and retail of books, and is a general distributor of Moscow publishing houses, such as "DMK-PRESS", "SOLON-PRESS", "Repair and Service", "Ekom", "Dodeka". Company also provides consulting and copywriting services, counsels authors of books, accesses prospects of sales of their works that have not yet been printed. At Robotics Expo company will present scientific, technical, computer literature, books on programming, engineering, radio engineering, etc.

Second exhibition of robotics and advanced technology Robotics Expo 2014 will be held on 27-29 November in ECC "Sokolniki".  

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