On 27-29 November ECC "Sokolniki" hosted Russia's largest exhibition of robotics and advanced technology Robotics Expo 2014, organized by Smile-Expo.

According to registration committee, more than 10 000 people attended Robotics Expo 2014, including 1,000 guests of the first B2B-day and about 300 media representatives.

Over 50 companies took part in the exhibition to demonstrate their innovative products and services.

Robotics Expo 2014 combined exhibition, conference, Speed Dealing platform for startups and investors, public lectures, copterы competition - Hot Copter Challenge, workshops for children. In the evening for two days (28-29 November) there was a Robotics Show on the main stage was held,  robots-dancers and actors taking part. The headliners of the show program were robot RoyMegan and STREKOZA project.


The exposition was divided into several areas: humanoid robots, educational robots, industrial robots, quadcopters, consumer robotics, 3D printing, augmented and virtual reality.

More than 50 companies took part in the exhibition, including: Robot Control Technologies, GIDEP, BIT Robotics, Teledroid, Wicron, «Brain Development», Promobot, Robomow, Robohunter, HOBOT.SU, Copter Express, Karlsson Project, Copter Zone, CatGenie, RAER (Russian Association of Educational Robotics), R.BOT, Kb3Robotics, NDRobotics,, “STL”, Med Gadgets, Fibrum, Fablab, “Navirobot”, AlexRobotics. etc.

This year organizers paid particular attention to industrial robotics.

Using KUKA robots, Robot Control Technologies presented management meta languages. BIT Robotics presented industrial delta robot that played checkers with exhibition visitors, and GIDEP showcased its development of programmable hydroelectric gear for robotics.

Speaking humanoid robot Furo-D from Navirobot acted as interactive guide in the exhibition space.

Everybody was impressed by robots-mannequins from Kb3Robotics, telepresence robots from R.BOT, Fibrum virtual reality helmet, NAO robot from "Teledroid", robotic snow remover from Promobot which can be particularly useful in coming wintertime, robotic toilet for cats from CAT Genie, and also 3D printed InMoov robot.

Quadcopter zone presented such companies as Copter Express, Karlsson Project, Copter Zone et al., and they demonstrated exciting capabilities of air vehicles. Exhibition booth of 3Dquality attracted a lot of people, familiarizing exhibition visitors with 3D products, and also offering everybody interested to test 3D pen.


II International Conference on robotics - Robotics Conference that was held in the first two days of the exhibition (on 27 and 28 November 2014), consisted of 24 exclusive reports and 2 round tables. Andrey Novikov was moderator of the conference.

On the first day visitors of Robotics Conference had an opportunity to listen to reports of experts, among them: Oleg Kupervasser (LG ELECTRONICS), Gregoriy Schkolnikov (KUKA Robotics), Anton Dzhoraev (NVIDIA), Stanislav Berelavichus (Government Budgetary Institution A. V. Vishnevskiy Institute of Surgery, MPA Medical Partners), Konstantin Yakovlev (Institute of System Analysis at Russian Academy of Sciences), Mikhail Tyulkin (Robot Control Technologies), Sumeeti Mittal (RoboGalaxy, India), and others.

On the first day of the conference special attention was paid to use of robotics in automotive industry, medicine and education. It was the use of robotics in education  that was discussed at the roundtable discussion held in the business day.

On the second day speakers of the conference were: Valeriya Komissarova (Grishin Robotics), Vyacheslav Kravtsov (RBOT), Roman Zhukov (Wicron), Alexander Slovak (MathWorks), Tatiana Shagova (PICASO 3D), Arkadiy Yushchenko (MSTU Bauman) Maria Tuchina/Olga Elkina ("Russia 2045"), and others.

Roundtable of the second day "Are entrepreneurs dreaming about robots-androids?", jointly organized with Skolkovo Robotics Center, brought together representatives of venture capital funds, researchers, entrepreneurs and teachers to discuss pressing issues of the industry.

Participants of this discussion panel were: Valeriya Komissarova (Grishin Robotics), Ekaterina Bereziy (ExoAtlet), Vitaliy Morozov (MSU Science Park), Vyacheslav Sychkov (Android technology), Alexei Kononov (Foundation for Advanced Research Projects), Dmitriy Teterikov (Skolkovo Tech) and moderator of the event - Albert Efimov (head of Skolkovo Robotics Center).

"The discussion that came around is very important. There we managed to understand whether entrepreneurs need robots-androids. I believe that development of robotic industry is a key task of our country. At this point, this discussion brought together the most important people in the field of robotics in Russia to discuss the state of industry and its prospects in the country. And I think this discussion panel justly became the best in the history of events in robotics field", Albert Efimov, roundtable moderator, said.

Attendees of Open lectures listened to Boris Chernyshev, Coordinator of the Moscow city branch of the Liberal Democratic Party, representatives of investment funds, incubators and IT clusters, among them: Vladimir Sukhotskiy and Anton Yudin (, Sergey Vyazankin (, Julia Krasnienko (, Sergey Iwashko (, Vitaly Nedelskiy (, Daniel Shcherbatov, Sergey Iwashko, Ivan Dementiev, Alexander Malukov, Svetlana Infimovskaya and others.


Speed Dealing section, held on November 27, brought together robots developers and investors for business meetings. During the entire day startups and developers of robotics had an opportunity to present their projects and communicate with investors tete-a-tete in the format of "fast dates".

Among the investors invited to Speed Dealing, there were representatives of companies: Star2UP Inc. - Denis Kozminykh; Boomstarter - Yuriy Lisov; iTech Capital - Alexander Kazachek; RMG Partners - Arseny Dabbagh; QWave – Nikolay Kovshov and others.

Experts particularly noted development of Dmitry Suvorov (intelligent home assistant "Lexi"), Mark Sazonov with iHealth (innovative diagnosis of 170diseases in 3 minutes) and Alexei Reznichenko with educational course «Boteon Education».


On 28 and 29 November Robotics Expo 2014 held exciting and creative workshops for children that included course of robotics Arduino, that allows to acquire the skills of work with this worldwide popular platform, and create unique gadgets, implementing the most incredible ideas. Also, participants were given the opportunity to study robotics using innovative construction kit of the new generation from Lego.

Partner of educational workshops for children was Center for Scientific and Technical Creativity and Development - N.O.T.A.


Another event that will long be remembered by all visitors of the exhibition is the competition of quadcopters Hot Copter Challenge that was held on the third day of Robotics Expo.

Winners of the copter tournament are: Aleksey Egorov - 3rd place, got prize cup and gifts from the organizers, Alexander Lancerov - 2nd place, got prize cup and certificate for  5 000 RUB from And the winner of competition is Maxim Kryachko. Organizers presented him the cup of winner and cash prize of 25 000 RUB.

Copter Zone was partner and co-organizer of Hot Copter Challenge.


Despite the obvious B2B-format of the exhibition on the first day, on the next two days there was fun relaxed atmosphere in "Sokolniki"; organizers managed to create it with the help of intensive entertaining program.

Show program on the main stage of Robotics Expo included performances by six-foot robot-dancer Roy Megan and singer STREKOZA, unique LED show "Lyuminoid" and the show of light pictures.

Summarizing II Annual Exhibition of robotics and advanced technology Robotics Expo 2014, we can say the following: robotics is one of the most promising and important sectors that will determine the course of human development for many years. The task of Russian scientists and manufacturers is to accept these changes and get involved in this process as soon as possible.

Organizer "Smile-Expo" believes III Annual Robotics Expo to be held in autumn 2015 will showcase new robots and new technologies that will revolutionize our lives.

Special thanks to: "Skolkovo", "Skolkovo Robocenter".

Also we are grateful to our media partners: Hi-Tech, Cnews, Naked Science,, "Moskva24", "Russian Reporter", "Science 2.0" and others. 

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