How to train engineering genius? Attend Robotics Expo lectures

How to train engineering genius? Attend Robotics Expo lectures

Is it possible to train qualified robotics specialists without bringing them abroad to study? Easy breezy! You should just discover possibilities for educational robotics in Russia.

On November 26, the exhibition of robotics and innovations – Robotics Expo – will include lectures involving practicing teachers of robotics working with children and students.

Who will take the floor?

Heads of leading engineering schools and representatives of committees on organizing robotics skills competitions, including:

  • Pavel Frolov: СОО at Robbo Club, an international robotics school;
  • Aleksandr Larin: head of Runa, Moscow’s Innovative Creativity Center for young people, and head of the Industrial Robotics Department at the College of Modern Technologies;
  • Svetlana Shypovskaya: director at Kulibin Center, developing engineering thinking of children and teenagers;
  • Maksim Vasiljev: President of the International Association of Sports and Educational Robotics;
  • Roman Luchin: adviser to the Deputy Minister of Education in Robotics, CEO at CyberTech.

What will speakers talk about?

They will discuss all aspects of robotics in education: from teaching methods to employment by profession. Key points:

  • how to engage a child in robotics and technological aspect in general;
  • innovative and creative methods of engineering training;
  • kids, teenagers, students: how to choose an appropriate approach;
  • training of specialists: skills that professional robotics engineers should have;
  • what graduated innovative engineers should do after graduation;
  • the role of competitive robotics.

What is the target audience of lectures?

Everyone wishing to know more about possibilities for robotics training in Russia:

  • parents;
  • engineering students;
  • professors at technological universities;
  • tutors, psychologists, teachers;
  • people working with children of various age groups.

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