What prizes will Robo sumo winners receive?

What prizes will Robo sumo winners receive?

Have your kids seen robot fighting only in movies? On November 25-26, Robotics Expo will allow them to take part in a real competition involving LEGO robots – Robo sumo! The contest will be held with the support of Polycent, a center of research and technology art and development.

At the event, children and teenagers aged 7-18 years will be able to test out their own developments! The winner will be a participant whose robot will be the first to push its opponent out of the ring at every stage.

have something to struggle for! The best one will receive Evolvector’s construction kit and Polymorfus’s MyRiwell 3D drawing pen.

Evolvector is a developer of robo construction kits designed for education and self-studying robotics basics. At Robotics Expo, the company will present electronic devices and robots assembled using construction kits.

Polymorfus is a company producing the same-name eco-friendly pure self-hardening plastic for modeling and molding.

Review the competition details and register!

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