Cases From The Mathworks, Global Leading Provider Of Tools For Math Modeling And Calculation

Cases From The Mathworks, Global Leading Provider Of Tools For Math Modeling And Calculation

Dear friends, we all welcome Aleksandr Slovak, Application Engineer at The MathWorks who will make a presentation at Robotics Conference.

Alexandr specializes in MathWorks department, physical modeling and control systems.

Previously he has been into electromechanical systems modeling in transportation and energy engineering. He has five years of experience working with MathWorks products.

At this industrial conference devoted to advanced technologies and robotics, he will make a presentation How not to fail when creating a robot.


- robot security, why is it important?

- types of mistakes and where can they occur?

- how can you change operation process to avoid them?

- cases of the industry.

Information about the company:

The MathWorks is a software developer for numerical computing and computer modeling. It has been founded in 1984 by Jack Little, Cleve Moler and Steve Bangert. They are current owners.

The company headquarters is located in Natick, Massachusetts, the heart of development where 70 per cent of company employees are working. Key projects: MATLAB, Simulink, Stateflow and specialized ToolBoxes.

More than one million engineers and scientists all over the world use MATLAB and Simulink platforms for industrial computing and model-based design. MATLAB and Simulink products family consists of more than 80 additional products for technical solutions efficiency improvement in all areas and robotics in particular.

Are you still thinking whether you do need to go? Of course, you do! Robotics Expo provides unique possibility to listen to presentations of best industry specialists!

We’re waiting for you on 27-29 of November, in ECC Sokolniki (7/1, pavilion 2, 5-iy Luchevoy prosek, Moscow.)

The Conference will take two days: November 27-29.

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