Well-known robotics experts will speak at Robotics Expo 2016

Well-known robotics experts will speak at Robotics Expo 2016

The IV exhibition and conference dedicated to robotics and progressive technologies, Robotics Expo, scheduled for 4-6 November, is fast drawing near. We are glad to announce new speakers who will participate in our event: Nikolaos Mavridis, Director of Interactive Robots and Media Lab, and Aleksandr Novoselov, Sales Director at YASKAWA Nordic AB. They will speak on the first conference day, 4 November.            

Nikolaos Mavridis is the head of Interactive Robots and Media Lab and researcher at NCSR Demokritos. A PhD graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and assistant professor of many well-known US universities founded IRML laboratory that became famous after creating the Ibn Sina humanoid and FaceBots social machines. Besides, Nikolaos Mavridis has developed Ripley robot that can understand, remember and execute given orders.                    

The future speaker of Robotics Expo is considered to be one of leading robotics experts. He has written a lot of scientific works and reviews. 

Aleksandr Novoselov will represent at the conference the Japanese company YASKAWA Nordic AB. It focuses on development and supplies of Motoman robots, designed for major segments of the robotics market. YASKAWA corporation is considered to be one of the largest robot manufacturers in the world and has more than 300 thousand robotic systems installed all over the world.        

Within his presentation, Aleksandr Novoselov will report on the topic: Industrial robot. Yesterday and today.   

The speaker will reveal the following issues:

  • • history of industrial robotics development;
  • • major sectors and applications;
  • • robot as a part of technologies;
  • • main development trends.

If you want to learn about progressive achievements of major robotics market players, come on 4-6 November to Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center to the international event – Robotics Expo 2016.  

Details and registration following the link: http://robot-ex.ru/en/registraciya.  

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