Drones Clever and Copter Express will be presented at Robotics Expo

Drones Clever and Copter Express will be presented at Robotics Expo

At Robotics Expo scheduled for November 25-26 in Moscow, the best modern developments in robotics and other related innovations will be presented. The list of exhibitors includes a Russian startup Copter Express, the leader in the home drones market drones since 2013.

The company will showcase its two main products – an automated delivery drone Copter Express and an educational drone Clever.

The tonnage of Copter Express is 1 kg while range – 5 km. Apart from delivery service, the drone is also capable of video recording, generating 2D and 3D maps as well as patrol due to built-in cameras.

In contrast, Clever is used to master pilotage skills, assemble and code drones. You can change the elements of the drone construction and software. What is more, Clever goes with a guide that is a fully-fledged curriculum.

The startup Copter Express is an active participant in exhibitions and support programs. It also received a mini-grant from Skolkovo and the National Technology Initiative (NTI).

Register in order to participate in Robotics Expo. For students and schoolchildren, discounts are provided.

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