They are mowing and you are relaxing! Meet Robomow mower


One of the largest events in Russia dedicated to robotics will provide you with possibility to see the latest developments that have enriched the market.

Robotics Expo is robotic lawn mowers, robotic androids telepresence devices, 3D printers and drones.

In particular, official distributor of robotic lawnmowers Robomow will present its products at the show.

For over 20 years Israeli brand with very friendly name Friendly Robotics manufactures robotic lawn mowers. Today, the company sells equipment in American, European and Australian markets, as well as in New Zealand and South Africa. Robomow mowers can perform many tasks, offering autonomous work of the device without any additional effort on user’s part.

One of the latest developments of Friendly Robotics experts is the application for smartphone Robomow; the company will demonstrate it at Robotics Expo.

Robomow will provide you with remote interaction with your mower. You can be at home, in the garden, do something around the house or work and at the same time control your mower using your phone.

Robomow offers all setting of the mower in your smartphone.

All you have to do is simply set:

  • size of the lawn;
  • schedule for each day;
  • areas for mowing.

And your mower will turn lawn into a work of art!

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