Mobile Autonomous Robotics Advantages To Be Demonstrated At Robotics Expo!

Mobile Autonomous Robotics Advantages To Be Demonstrated At Robotics Expo!

Robotics has come a long way: first, there were primitive mechanisms performing one patterned act, and in the future there will be mechanisms functioning without human interaction and reacting to the situation in various environments.

Autonomous robots will make us happier, say Robodem specialists who will be present at Robotics Expo 2014.

Robodem develops software and engineer solutions for autonomous mobile robots control systems. Artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies comprise the majority of company’s developments.

They become the basis for creation of:

artificial operation control systems for industrial robotics;

intelligent video surveillance systems;

three dimensional models of objects and environment;

human-machine interaction systems.

Robodem solutions are used for autonomous robots, UAV, industrial technological lines, handling and warehouse automated systems, as well as educational and personal robotics, including household robots.

Robodem developers deserve great attention, which is proven by their award-winning cases in various contests.

Last August, Robodem team has won million rubles in KROK’s (“КРОК”) flying robots contest.

This October, Robodem has won SkRobohack contest, demonstrating its innovational control system for art prosthesis and the 3D printed prosthesis itself.

This allows reducing prosthesis cost and making it affordable for disabled people. Its price for end user comprises 20,000 RUB.

Robodem   will demonstrate a range of its developments at specialized exhibition Robotics Expo, which will take place on 27-29 of November, 2014, in ECC Sokolniki, Moscow.

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