President of Russian association of educational robotics on Robotics Expo 2013

President of Russian association of educational robotics on Robotics Expo 2013

October 24-25 ECC "Sokolniki" (Moscow) will host first in Russia Robotics Expo, dedicated to robotics and advanced technology.

There you will see the most amazing inventions of science and technology of the new generation - not from the world of science fiction but real robots!

Exhibition will bring together the largest manufacturers and suppliers of robotics, and the conference - the best industry experts who will give master classes and answer any questions.

Today we are pleased to announce one of these experts!

This is Maxim Vasiliev - President of Russian association of educational robotics, head of the program "Robotics: Engineering and technical personnel of innovative Russia", certified trainer of International Academy LEGO Education, trainer at Institute of New Technologies and senior teacher at Moscow Institute of Open Education.

Maxim Vasiliev is the organizer of All-Russian stage of WRO and International Robotics Competition since their establishment in 2002. At the moment, International Robotics Competition is the largest robotics competition for school children in Russia, over 3 thousand teams (10 thousand children) from 45 regions of Russia take park in competition. Maxim has extensive experience in teaching Russian teachers methods of use of educational robotics (over 1,000 teachers since 2002).

Speaker’s Topic: "Educational robotics in Russia: History and development prospects"


Educational Robotics is a new interdisciplinary study field that integrates knowledge of physics, mechatronics, technology, mathematics, cybernetics and ICT, and engages students of different ages into the process of innovative scientific and technical creativity. It is aiming to promote scientific and technical creativity and enhance the prestige of engineering profession among young people, develop young people's skills of practical solutions of relevant engineering problems and work with technology.

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