Automatica project presented the first robot band music album

Automatica project presented the first robot band music album

On his website, the Automatica project author Nigel Stanford said that he managed to record a full album using robots as musicians.

First videos created by Stanford with the help of several robots, appeared in 2015, then he managed to get a lease for three German production robots, intended for vehicle assembly. Stanford changed their programing and taught them how to play four different musical instruments: guitar, drum set, keyboard (including piano), and also a DJ panel. Later on, he made a few videos using the Robot Animator plug-in and the Maya 3D program.

According to the creator himself, the most time consuming part of the project was designing a program that would allow robots to play melodies on the DJ turntable and the guitar, as among other things it required coordinating the robot manipulator pressure on the instrument.


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