Project manager R.BOT will speak at Robotics Conference

Vyacheslav Kravtsov - manager of project for robots production “R. BOT” joined speakers’ team of Robotics Conference.

Vyacheslav graduated from Moscow Electrical Engineering Institute of Communications (1986), degree in radio engineering. Up to 2005 he was developing software for specialty equipment, created and implemented automatic control system for enterprises.

Since 2005 he has headed various areas in company “R.BOT”, and since 2010 he holds the position of project manager of the company. He worked in such areas as security, surveillance and robotics.

Since 2010 he heads promotion of widely known in Russia and abroad interactive mobile robots R.BOT 100.

At the conference, the speaker will make a presentation on “R.BOT: Ecosystem R.BOT and robots of R.BOT Synergy series for software developers”.


  1. Company RBOT creates infrastructure to support users of new product of the company – robots of R.BOT Synergy series.
  2. Infrastructure includes API for application developers on new platform R.BOT Synergy and a set of open source applications and libraries for developers.
  3. Users of R.BOT Synergy will be able to use hundreds of new applications on new platform, which turns R.BOT Synergy into true human assistant.
  4. Platform R.BOT Synergy not only provides new opportunities in personal robotics, but also uses all the best practices and proven over time solutions of company RBOT in the field of telepresence.
  5. Ecosystem RBOT opens up new prospects for development of robotics on Android and iOs platforms, creating new competitive business environment.

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