PromoBot: exhibitor of Robotics Expo

PromoBot: exhibitor of Robotics Expo

Meet an exhibitor of Robotics Expo: PromoBot!

PromoBot is one of the major manufacturers of autonomous service robots in Russia and Northern and Eastern Europe.

Promobot robots are able to perform various tasks, from promoters to museum guides. Today, they can be met at Sberbank, Beeline, Museum of Contemporary History of Russia and Moscow Metro.

The exhibition area of Robotics Expo will present Promobot V.2 and Promobot V.3. These robots will communicate with attendees, provide advertising materials and remember everyone they talk to.

Features and capabilities of Promobot V.3:

  • vast neural network linguistic database;
  • accurate facial recognition system;
  • multi-faceted mechatronics;
  • indoor navigation system;
  • active multimedia system;
  • open-source programming environment.

Promobots will be interesting for people who are going to robotize their own businesses, entrepreneurs, those desiring to increase their income, exhibition organizers and businesspeople looking for new niches to operate in.

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