Sick kids would be able to send avatar robots to school

Sick kids would be able to send avatar robots to school

Kids who have stay home or in the hospital for a long time due to some illness are often feel lonely, and meet difficulties while catching up with the school program. The Norwegian enthusiasts from No Isolation focused on solving this problem in a fun way, creating the avatar robot that is able to go to school instead of the student.

AV1 – unusual tool for communication with the reality

AV1 robot has been initially developed for sick kids unable to go to school and meet with friends. In order a child not to feel isolated, he/she can send an avatar to school, which is basically a small robot with some functionality, including the speaker, microphone and a camera. Thus, the little user can remotely control its avatar with a smartphone, see what’s going on around the classroom and even talk to friends and teachers.

AV1 is pretty small, so that friends of a sick kid could carry it over from one class to another.

The robot developers realized that a functional avatar has to obtain solid construction and to be able to function properly sustaining a couple of falls. And in order to prevent any communication defects, AV1 works with 4G networks.


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