Robohunter, Robot Recruiting Service at Robotics Expo 2014

Robohunter, Robot Recruiting Service at Robotics Expo 2014

RoboHunter is world’s first unique service allowing you to hire a robot.

RoboHunter is an online platform for everyday exchange of information about the world of robotics. Here you can discover the latest robotic technologies and find yourself a useful helper, essential robot for your business.

RoboHunter unites forward-looking people who want to peak into the future:

  • Tech geeks discover all news from the articles, reviews and innovations reports.
  • Robots developers and owners find apps, new upgrades and advices of bots employment.
  • Techno start-ups read about original ideas, expert opinions, insights about trends and new solutions (only existing cases!)
  • Investors use beneficial programs of their partners.

RoboHunter project is an informational partner and participant of 2nd International advanced technologies and robotics exhibition Robotics Expo, which will take place on 27-29 of November, 2014, in ECC Sokolniki, Moscow.

Exhibition focuses on business audience and end users, uniting a unique B2B program, Conference, Exhibition, section for start-ups and other interactive floors. Visitors would be able to immerse into the world of latest robotics technologies.

Participants will demonstrate personal robots, industrial robotics, drones, 3D printers, household robotics, augmented and virtual reality and wearables (gadgets that you could try on.)

Find out more about RoboHunter service! Visit our booth с20 at Robotics Expo!

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