Caterpillar robot for medical purposes

Caterpillar robot for medical purposes

A modular robot that moves like a caterpillar was developed by Swiss scientists. Due to the fact that its parts are made of soft material, it is less traumatic, which means it will be applicable in medicine.

The crawler enabled by vacuum. Each segment consists of self-supporting foam, and is covered with silicone. Because the insides are porous, the air can be pumped out, and the robot will bend in all directions.

Robotics Expo: Caterpillar robot for medical purposes

The modules are removable, so their number can be changed. There is also a segment with a sucker, which helps the structure move on vertical surfaces and move objects.

The caterpillar robot can be used for medical equipment or in other areas where a soft frame is needed. However, the device is not mobile, since it has to be connected to the compressor, for changing the pressure.


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