MOAI robot takes care of your aquarium

MOAI robot takes care of your aquarium

MOAI startup takes aquarium cleaning to a new level. The robot will help you to clean the walls of a fish tank and take pictures and videos for social networks. A robotic camera and the aquarium cleaner is a project of a group of engineers and designers on the Kickstarter. The device helps aquarium lovers – it makes it easier to clean.

The robot contains three parts – an external unit with software and a camera, an internal cushion for seaweed gathering and a charging set. All parts are attached to magnets and move over the glass surface.

As for the program itself, you can set the cleaning time, watch the video, take a photo and upload it to social networks. The device transfers the image to the smartphone through Wi-Fi.

MOAI robot takes care of your aquarium

MOAI is provided with smart charging system. When battery is low the device automatically returns to the station in the corner of the aquarium for recharging. You will be able to keep your aquarium clean and watch the fish even remotely at the end of November. The device will cost $ 189.


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