Robot Pepper: new function – a priest at funerals

Robot Pepper: new function – a priest at funerals

SoftBank started selling the universal robot Pepper two years ago. Over that time, it has been used in many places such as hospitals, railway stations, and shops. However, there are cases of using the robot as a priest.

Nissei Eco has purchased the robot, wrapped it with a robe of a Buddhist priest, and programed to read Buddhistic sutras at funerals. Developers position it as an affordable alternative to real-life priests.

Nissei Eco produces different plastic goods, but the management decided to diversify the business by expanding it into the funeral industry long ago. Robot Pepper has become the main legacy of their activities. To order its services as a priest, you have to pay $455 – less than for the services of a Buddhist priest.

In several days, the robot will be presented at the Life Ending Industry Expo in Tokyo, where new products for funeral ceremonies are displayed. If attendees like Nissei Eco’s concept, the company will probably receive dozens of orders for the nearest future.


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