Promo robot KIKI returns to Robotics Expo

Promo robot KIKI returns to Robotics Expo

November 4-6, 2016, Sokolniki ECC will host the IV international exhibition dedicated to robotics and progressive technologies – Robotics Expo 2016. It will present developments with various features from Russian and world manufacturers.       

One of them will be an interactive electronic lady-promoter KIKI, developed by Alfa Robotics. This robotic device has advanced verbal and nonverbal communication functions. It looks like a blue-eyed girl with a bob haircut and slim figure.         

KIKI’s tasks include not only obligations of a promoter but also a consultant, guide, MC assistant, etc. It is perfect to attract attention in mass gathering places, stirring interest to it and advertised products.       

This robot has terabytes of internal storage, allowing to program a lot of text versions. The device is operating around 8 hours without additional recharging. It is controlled via the Internet, Wi-Fi, or mobile 4G.         

Come on 4-6 November to Robotics Expo 2016 in order to know more about smart robots and other robotics achievements in Russia and the world. The exhibition will be interesting for both business representatives and everyone who wants to see the most relevant technological novelties.    

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