Robotic gardener will take care of your garden

Robotic gardener will take care of your garden

Franklin Robotics introduced working prototype of its robotic gardener Tertill. The device looks like an ordinary robotic vacuum cleaner, and has the same operation principle, but with some distinctive features.

Tertill is able to move independently using sensors for orientation in space. Sensors also help it to distinguish weeds from cultivated plants. The criterion for recognition in this case is the size. If plant is large, robot does not touch it. All small plants are classified by Tertill as weeds and cut. If necessary, the device also irrigates the garden.

Tertill is powered by solar batteries, so you do not have to worry about charging it. According to the developers, the robot is specially created to stay in garden 24 hours a day.

Currently, Tertill is available on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Its approximate cost is $300.

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