Russia Will See Wiggle The Climbing Robot

Russia Will See Wiggle The Climbing Robot

2nd annual advanced technologies and robotics exhibition Robotics Expo 2014 will take place on 27-29 of November in Moscow, presenting a unique development, Wiggle robot developed by Boteon. The machine has clenches and can grab ladder steps and climb to the top. Robot is relatively small: 75 cm long and weighs 5,5 kg. His frame is made from lite aluminum for flying vehicles, as well as plastic and high molecular weight polyethylene. Wiggle works on polymer battery, the one similar to those installed in mobile phones, and operates autonomously: find steps and identifies obstacles.

In order Wiggle to start moving it is set the way using software. For example, move ten steps up on a fire-escape ladder. After this, by following a certain algorithm, robot climbs the wall and goes down after completing the task.

Robot is designed to climb the exhaust stack and analyze polluting emissions.

Recently Wiggle participated in robotic event in Slovakia. It climbed up the stack 5 meters and took 2nd place in its category.

In the future, developers plan to improve it and use in on most dangerous emergency parts of factory piping, and hope that it will prove to be efficient.

Examine Wiggle the climbing robot, find out its operating peculiarities and discover the latest developments of Russian and foreign robotics at Robotics Expo 2014, on 27-29 of November in Moscow.

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