Amazon robots will soon replace humans in warehouse

Amazon robots will soon replace humans in warehouse

Amazon robots have proven that they can work much better and faster than humans. In particular, robotic warehouse employees deliver orders in just 15 minutes, while people spend more than an hour for transportation.

Deutsche Bank analysts said that the introduction of robotics helped the company to reduce operating costs in each of the warehouses by 20% that is about $ 22 million. Experts said if Amazon buys robotic staff for all storage facilities, it will save more than $ 2.5 billion. Moreover, automation process will be paid off almost immediately, as the cost of each robot is no more than $20 million.

Today Amazon utilizes more than 30 thousand Kiva Systems robots in 13 warehouses out from 110. Kiva robotic devices look like square platforms on wheels. The height of the device is 40 cm, weight - 130 kg, speed – 7.5 km/h and it can transport loads weighing up to 280 kg.

Analysts say that with the help of robots Amazon can not only speed up the delivery, but also to place in the warehouses twice more goods compared to storages where ordinary employees work.

So far, Amazon warehouses employ robots and people. The latter are engaged in sorting and packing of goods. However, the world's largest online retailer is already testing robotics systems, which will be able to perform these activities as well. So soon Amazon, and perhaps the other companies, will replace employees in warehouses by functional robots.

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