FANUC robots work nonstop at AUDI plant in Hungary

FANUC robots work nonstop at AUDI plant in Hungary

AUDI Hungary is one of the most successful companies in Hungary, which produces nearly 135 thousand cars and more than 2 million engines. The secret of company success is a high level of manufacturing automation. FANUC robotics works almost nonstop, providing products of perfect quality.

FANUC Company is a leading manufacturer of industrial robots. Company’s product range includes more than 100 models intended for various application areas. Robots are easy to manage, can fulfill a wide range of tasks, are easily programmed and are totally safe when used by people. FANUC robots are used by companies in 120 countries of the world, including Hungary.

According to AUDI Hungary representative, it is robots that allow company to achieve good economic characteristics. Industrial robotics is used in working environments with high pressure or temperature, as well as in other areas, where it’s hard to work for people. FANUC robots speed up the manufacturing process, make it safer for workers, and guarantee high quality of produced vehicles and constituent parts. The main thing is to program them correctly. 



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