Google backs robotic journalists

 Google backs robotic journalists

The Press Association news agency is developing RADAR – a system for an automated generation of news. It would be able to produce up to 30,000 news pieces a month, simplifying the operations for mass media, the local ones in particular. Google has already invested $807,000 in the project.

Five people are currently working on the algorithm. They teach the system to write news texts on its own using keywords (‘crime’, ‘healthcare’ etc.) Developers are aiming to complete their project in 2018.

Nevertheless, RADAR will not put journalists out of job completely. First of all, it has to be monitored: its texts need to be checked from time to time, and the algorithm needs adjustments depending on the situation. Then, RADAR can’t deal with complex tasks such as taking interviews, live stories, or investigative reports. Still, most of the staff working at newspapers and news websites might get fired.

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