Robots from the best global manufacturers to gather at Robotics Expo 2016

Robots from the best global manufacturers to gather at Robotics Expo 2016

Robots from all countries get united! That’s the main motto of the IV international exhibition Robotics Expo 2016  that will take place on 4-6 November, featuring the best artificial intelligence machines from all over the world. Visitors will be able to have a look at functional robots in action, learn about their ingenious capabilities and even talk to them.

Below you will find a list of robots that will arrive from different countries of the world to participate in Robotics Expo 2016.


Among Chinese-made robotized technologies presented at Robotics Expo 2016 you will find a nice domestic pet with artificial intelligence called Domgy and developments from Intelligent Stewart Limited.

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Household robot Domgy will become an excellent friend and helper for every family member. It can recognize human voice and appearance, entertain its owner, fulfill navigation functions and various tasks. Domgy can be remotely controlled.

Intelligent Stewart Limited will showcase intelligent devices for smart houses and virtual reality.

South Korea

ROBOTIS Ltd. will bring several proprietary developments to the event – robots Bioloid, DarWIN-OP, DarWIN-MINI. Smart humanoids DarWIN are ideal machines for conducting scientific researches and training. 

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  South Korean manufacturer Yujin Robot will present a smart vacuum cleaner iClebo. This robot ideally cleans the premises, as far as firstly it develops the optimum route to cover absolutely all space zones, and secondly has a visual control camera.


Americans will present Truckbot – a unique carrier robot, which can deliver small cargos to specified locations. 

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Inventist Inc. will bring joy to visitors with a new model of Solowheel, which allows travelling even off the road and cross-country.

And U.S.-Russian company Endurance prepared several high-tech products for participants of Robotics Expo 2016: device for making video calls and selfie – Selfiebot,  smart and functional robotic waiter and DIY engraving kit.


French exhibitors will bring functional robotic waiters and bartenders, which have a huge operational experience in different European countries. Machines feature embedded telepresence technology, which makes them a kind of user’s avatar.


Manufacturers from Israel will present smart grass mowers Robomow. Machines are equipped with special sensors, with the help of which they can bypass trees, boulders, kerbs, etc., and stop working in case it starts raining. Grass mowers can be programmed to work on specific days of the week, have a multizone mode and many other useful functions, which will be highlighted at the exhibition.


International exhibition will naturally feature the best developments from national manufacturers. Thus, the event will be attended by Promobot – functional robotic consultant, which can work in crowded places.

Besides that, a virtual reality mobile headset, Fibrum, will be presented in the wearable devices zone. Every visitor will be able to test it.

Come to ECC Sokolniki on 4-6 November to attend the annual exhibition of robotics and innovations Robotics Expo 2016, and you will find out which robots will soon become an integral part of human life.  

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