Robots with digital vision and laser scanner – technologies of the future at Robotics Expo 2016

Robots with digital vision and laser scanner – technologies of the future at Robotics Expo 2016

November 4-6, 2016 Sokolniki ECC will host the IV international exhibition on robotics and innovations – Robotics Expo. Presentation of advanced robotics systems, UAVs, 3D printers and smart devices, Speed Dealing, master classes, fighting robots – these and a host of other activities will be available for guests and participants of the event.

Moreover, on the 4th of November as part of the Robotics Conference 2016 there will be a round table supported by Skolkovo. Topic of the discussion: “Robots with machine vision and laser scanning systems in the industry of the future”.

The main goal of the Robotics Expo conference is to unveil the potential of the use of robotics and innovations in various business fields and everyday life. That is why the round table will include leading industry leaders who can share their experience and expert view.

Participants of the discussion include:

  • • Dmitriy Kapishnikov – CEO at KUKA Robotics Russia;
  • • Aleksandr Yashkin – Commercial Director at FANUC Russia;
  • • Dmitriy Kaynov – CEO at ABB-Robotics Ltd.;
  • • Jochen Koch – Head of Digital Manufacturing at Siemens;
  • • Sergey Smirnov – Project manager at Scansonic;
  • • Irina Suvorova – Project manager at RENA SOLUTION;
  • • Nikolay Agudov – Chief Technology Officer of Skolkovo start-up – Mensa;
  • • Alisa Konyukhovskaya – representative of the National Association of Robotics Market Participants.

Within the round table experts will discuss:

  • • prospects for the introduction of laser scanning and computer vision systems;
  • • modern trends of the industry;
  • • successful cases of machine vision application.

The discussion will last for an hour and a half.

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