Robotics Conference will consider gaps in robotics development


Denis Eliseev - Head of Sales Department at company-integrator "Itprotect", specializing in information security and data protection, joined the team of Robotics Conference speakers.

Since 2007 Denis Eliseev works in various IT areas (web, telecom, IS). Currently, he has initiated and develops Internet community RobotoFob - community of those who think about the future with robotics.

On Robotics Expo Denis will speak on "Weak points in robotics development (inevitable gaps in rapid robotics development)".


1. Why roboto-fobic people are afraid of robots conquering the world:

- Updates for robots, possibility of downloading via cloud services;

- Connection of robots to Internet and to each other;

- Rapid development of 3D-printing: sending robots to cosmic space for production of parts and structures from cosmic soil;

- Developments allowing electrical circuits to self-restore;

2. Why is it so difficult to control the development:

- One of the major current challenges robot technicians is to minimize the cost of robots production for high-volume output;

- A huge number of robots created nowadays are brainchildren of private designers and enthusiasts, software code and functions of these robots depend entirely on their developers and nobody is checking the product.

3. What to expect and what can be foreseen:

- Within the framework of this part some of the possible cases will be discussed, as well as solutions of abovementioned problems.

Robotics Conference is a two-day event, held in the framework of the first Russian exhibition of robotics and advanced technology Robotics Expo. This is a conference that will bring together researchers, experts and everyone interested in high technology.

Robotics Expo 2013 is a major industry event for manufacturers, suppliers and experts in the field of robotics to be held 24-25 October in ECC "Sokolniki".

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