Robotics Expo 2013 is Russia’s first exhibition of robotics and advanced technology


Anticipating the next BOOM in the industry, the company Smile Expo has been organizing Russia’s first exhibition of robotics and advanced technology Robotics Expo.

Robotics Expo 2013 will be held on 25-26 October in Moscow at Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre.

Lately the world of robotics has undergone some major changes: the emergence of 3D printing, cheaper components, crowd-funding etc. Hundreds of thousands of programmers are currently developing the applications for mobile platforms. If you do the same for robots right now, there is a good chance for you to become a global leader, the experts say. Robots are the embodiment of super technologies that have already become a reality. Consequently, the overall task of the market is to understand and accept these changes in a timely manner, as well as to adapt and get the operations started as quickly as possible.

The specialized exhibition Robotics Expo is set to become the premier event of the year. The exhibition provides a comfortable environment for business networking among the leading domestic and foreign manufacturers and their potential clients. It motivates the domestic manufacturers to produce competitive products, thus demonstrating the current condition, trends and general areas of the industry development.

The business program of the event will include two tracks of the conference focusing on the growth prospects of the robotics market, the main investment areas, and the business specifics. It will also feature Speed Dealing platform where the investors will meet with the start-ups, as well as Smart Consumer section.

"An accessible and affordable consumer robot will undoubtedly come on line in the near future", believes Oleg Vlasov, the director of Robotics Expo. Just as with all digital technology products, the price of the robots will go down and their functionality will expand. This will be the next big thing after the development of the Internet. Currently, the main market for robots is concentrated within four regions: the Americas, Europe, Japan, Asia-Pacific region.

Robotics can currently be applied in so many areas that it is easy to predict that robots will soon dramatically change our life.

Robotics Expo will cover the following areas:

  • Personal robots (robotic vacuum cleaners, robotic chefs, robotic pool cleaners, robotic nurses, etc.).
  • Robots for business
  • Commercial robots (robotic bartenders, robots for cleaning companies, robotic promoters, etc.).
  • Drones
  • Telerobotics
  • Robots in healthcare
  • Entertainment and edutainment robots, robots for educational purposes

Target audiences of Robotics Expo:

  • Robotics manufacturers: household robots, commercial robots, telerobots, entertainment robots, personal robots, life-support robots, etc.

  • Manufacturers of hardware and software for robots

  • Electronics and computers manufacturers

  • Manufacturers of robotic components and accessories

  • Representatives of robotics start-up projects (opportunity to present their strategies and business plans for private investors and public financial institutions)

More information about Robotics Expo is available on

tel.: +7 (495) 212-11-28

e-mail: [email protected]

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