Robotics and pubs: a robot system for working behind the counter

Robotics and pubs: a robot system for working behind the counter

Today, a pub is a place for your soul, a place where you can talk about life to an understanding bartender. Well, this could change very soon, since robots will get even there, introducing Cocktail Bot 4.0.

It is a 5 robot system that makes cocktails from 20 different recipes. Each of them performs a certain function:

  • Universal Robots UR5

This robot pulls the glasses out of the dishwasher. Its task is to flip the glasses for washing and drying. The machine is adapted to work with tall and small glasses.

  • Schunk LWA 4P

This robot fills the glasses with ice cubes. This task is complicated by the fact that ice melts and the cubes change their shape. Nevertheless, it gently puts the required number of cubes into the container with a specially designed grip.

  • KUKA KR10

The bartender robot actually prepares the drink. All the ingredients are in regular bottles. Robot picks one, grabs it and pours the required amount of liquid through a special nozzle.

  • Universal Robots UR5 with Schunk PG70 grip

This machine is responsible for dividing beverages into alcoholic and non-alcoholic. If a visitor orders an alcoholic cocktail, robot places the glass in another line where alcohol is poured into it.

  • Universal Robots UR10

This robot does the final part in preparing the drink: he puts the straw in a glass with a ready cocktail and sends it to the client.


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