Robot show again at Robotics Expo!

Robot show again at Robotics Expo!

November 4-6, 2016, Sokolniki ECC will host the IV international exhibition – Robotics Expo 2016 – aiming not only to acquaint everyone interested with robotics novelties, but also to impress attendees with unique light show of talking robots called “Real steel”.        

This performance will allow you to immerse yourself into the robotized future that will come very soon.   

They have already surprised you the previous year and now are ready to surprise you even more!  

Robot show again at Robotics Expo!  - 1

Robot show again at Robotics Expo!  - 2

These robots seem to leap from the pages of books and comics filled with futurism. They will remind videogame fans their favourite game characters. They can be anyone: fighting robots from the other planet or even galaxy, and, perhaps, even people put into high-tech armour of the future. Here is something to fantasize.          

Robot show again at Robotics Expo!  - 3

Fans of futurism and other cyber stuff will get some pabulum for reflection; the others will simply enjoy a spectacular amazing show.   

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