Speaker of Robotics Expo 2014 knows everything about effective realization of creative potential and development of educational robotics


President of the Russian Association of educational robotics Maxim Vasiliev will speak at Robotics Expo 2014 on: "Educational Robotics: first steps to discovery".

More about the speaker:

As president of the Russian Association of educational robotics Maxim Vasiliev develops and improves educational robotics for the youth of Russia. He is engaged in teaching and science, holds refresher training courses in the field of robotics. In 2002 he organized first Russian International competition of robotics for pupils that is getting more and more popular with every passing year. Since 2004 he is the chairman of the Russian organizing committee and head coach of the Russian national team of World Robot Olympiad. In due time, he was a co-organizer of festivals such as  "Robomir", "Mobile Robots" and "Robofest", exhibition "Robotics", the Russian Robot Olympiad, forum "Robots", All-Russian Conference "Methods of teaching the basics of robotics" and many other shows and events.

At the show you will have a chance to ask Maxim Vasiliev about details of the process of teaching; will also get information on current research and involvement of young people in educational robotics classes. Maxim Vasiliev is expert in copyright protection and integration of Russian scientists and teachers into international educational space.

You will also meet a lot of other experts at Robotics Expo 2014 to be held on 27-29 November 2014 in Moscow ECC "Sokolniki". For information about speakers, topics of their reports and exhibition program, visit the official website: www.robot-ex.ru.

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