Speed Dealing at Robotics Expo 2016: meeting of prospective startups and big investors

Speed Dealing at Robotics Expo 2016: meeting of prospective startups and big investor

November 4-6, 2016, Moscow will host the IV exhibition dedicated to robotics and innovative developments – Robotics Expo 2016. The event will include a thematic conference, exhibition and Speed Dealing meeting where startup founders will present their projects to representatives of venture, investment foundation and business angels.    

Speed Dealing format is a wonderful chance for business segment representatives to enter the whole new level. The main goal of the meeting is to create a platform for communication between prospective young companies and big investors interested in the industry development and support of interesting projects.    

This year, Speed Dealing in association with BAZAAR VP conducts a startup fight within RobotTech segment. During the meeting, each participant will have a little time to present their own project. Within the pitch session, a startup founder should give the main concept and goal of the project, briefly describe the development, and give a timeframe of pay-off period and benefits for investors. After a brief presentation, each participant will obtain an objective feedback from industry professionals and, perhaps, desired investments.         

The winner will obtain the right to participate as an exhibitor for free within RoboticsExpo 2017 and will be able to present a ready-made product to the community! A moderator will be Denis Kozminykh, an entrepreneur, mentor, investment board guide, and business coach. Since 2010, he has been actively supporting small business (startups), is an expert in business modeling and team building. Denis creates a venture vortex from the stage of successful business idea. He also founded StartUP BAZAAR.       

Speed Dealing will take place on November 4 – the day fully dedicated to the business segment. And the pitch session will complete with investors’ panel discussion where participants will discuss difficulties and prospects of ecosystem establishment.  

The event business day will also include the first-ever investment discussion panel with representatives of Integral technopark, IIDF, Starta Capital & Starta Accelerator, RoboCV, Genezis Technology Capital, and iDealMachine.

The IV international exhibition, Robotics Expo 2016, will take place on November 4-6 at Sokolniki ECC. You can find more details about the event and register to participate on the website: http://robot-ex.ru/en/registraciya.    


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