Judges Startup Battle at Robotics Expo are joined by three experts

Judges Startup Battle at Robotics Expo are joined by three experts

On November 25, as part of Robotics Expo, there will be a Startup Battle, where developers will present their projects to 15 jury members: investors and representatives of venture funds.

Three judges have already told about their expectations as for the Startup Battle participants. Meet three more experts who will evaluate the contestants.

Jury members

Dmitriy Kravtsov is a Venture Partner at Quantum Wave Fund, a fund managed by Phystech Ventures investing in startups focused on drones, robots, sensors and industrial Internet of Things.

Maxim Shekhovtsov is the Head and Managing Partner at the Genezis Technology Capital venture fund, investing in projects in the field of IT, cloud solutions, industrial technologies and robotics.

Elena Privalova is the CEO at VentureClub, a platform for private investors, which offers promising startups.

Expert opinion

In the interview with Robotics Expo, the experts told which projects their funds are interested in and what is needed for a successful presentation at the Battle.

In which projects have you already invested and which one do you prefer?

Dmitriy Kravtsov (D.К.): We invested in projects on sensors, component base for robotic devices which had a prototype product. We give preference to startups with revenue. However, we pay attention to the projects at the pre-sale stage as well.

Maxim Shekhovtsov (М.S.): We account for more than a hundred of projects in the field of IT, industrial and energy-efficient technologies. We are interested in AI, robotics, online service startups.

Elena Privalova (Е.P.): We are interested in different projects, especially those focused on technological innovations, as well as B2B IT.

Which features do you pay attention to when choosing a project (in addition to payback period)?

D.K.: Competitive advantages, market size, team.

M.S.: We carefully study the team, the market size and the product itself.

E.P.: Actually, payback period is the one we rely on. It results in a lot of evaluation criteria: from the potential of a team to the market volume.

What can withhold you from supporting a startup?

D.K.: Critical risks.

M.S.: Actually, there are a lot of things.

E.P.: Dealmaking skills of the founder or raw product.

How do you think, what robotics startups are lack of?

D.K.: I believe that there is still no critical amount of companies developing projects in this sector.

E.P.: Opportunities to work out prototypes in a qualitative way, if we are talking about the Russian market.

What do you ask the startup representatives first of all?

D.K.: “Name, please, the most likely or already existing customers”.

E.P.: What is your distinctive feature? Why will you succeed? How are you evaluating the competitive field and what your forecasts are based on?

What is your advice for the Startup Battle participants?

D.K.: To be open when dealing with investors, because they are the only ones except for the team who are really interested in the success of the project and are entirely ready to assist it.

M.S.: To focus on the description of the market and the product/solution.

E.P.: They need to understand the market and the landscape in which they plan to work, and associated themselves with its players. In addition, learn to answer the questions clearly, even if they seem trivial.

What would you like to hear from them during their presentation?

D.K.: The history of the project and the team, the complete offer for the client: what problem can be solved, size of effective demand for solving this problem, the advantages over existing alternatives on the market, the current status, the upcoming tasks and the amount of funds necessary for their implementation.

E.P.: They should prove why they will become successful.

Take advice from the Startup Battle jury members, but for now, fill out the form for participation! Deadline is November 15.

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