Boston Dynamics unveiled new robotic dog

Boston Dynamics unveiled new robotic dog

Boston Dynamics gained the attention of the public again. This time the company released a short 24-second video, featuring the new version of the SpotMini robot moving, theguardian reports.

The most noticeable difference between the new robot and previous models is the body. The yellow panels completely cover the skeleton. In addition, the device doesn’t have robotic arm, which looked rather eerie as a part of its 2016 predecessor.

There is no specific information on the video, only a demonstration of robot capabilities, which has improved smoothness and realistic movements, as well as the name of the model.

If there are no other design changes in the new SpotMini, it supposedly weighs about 30 kg and is 84 cm high. The new device, like its predecessor, should also be equipped with an autonomous power source, actuators with 17 joints and video system.

The new SpotMini is the only Boston Dynamics robot that has a visually finished appearance thanks to the body. It is not known whether such a design will be a new distinguishing feature of the company's robots or the new SpotMini already has a specific functional application, unlike the "older brothers".


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