In Pizza Hut you will be served by robot waiter

In Pizza Hut you will be served by robot waiter

Robots in the service sector are becoming more popular. MasterCard representatives said that the robot waiters will not only take and bring orders, but also process payments.

The famous Japanese robot Pepper learned to accept payments using credit cards and MasterPass system. It was equipped with a system that allows visitors to pay for their food in one click using smartphones or scanning QR-code.

The robot was already hired by Pizza Hut, but in the end of the year it will gain more widespread use.

Robot is in charge of taking orders and processing payments. While talking about the dishes, robot’s facial expression is adjusted in order to create maximum effect of live communication. Pepper also gesticulates like a regular waiter, when offering to sit down.

In China and Japan, robot waiters are becoming more popular, while in the USA this process is less active.

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