Russia presented home-produced warehouse robot

Russia presented home-produced warehouse robot

Russian developers Ronavi Robotics presented a warehouse robot, fully developed and assembled in Russia, RIA Novosti reported.

The robot is able to service warehouses of any type and significantly reduce the cost of maintaining the warehouse and increase its capacity. In fact, if there is such a robot, there is no need for human presence in the warehouse. Similar robots serving warehouses without human are already being used by Amazon.

To receive any desired goods in the warehouse, it is enough to send a request to the robot. It will find it on the shelf, bring it for further transportation to the customer.

The Russian version of the robot for warehouse is designed in the form of a flat 1x1.5 m platform that weighs 180 kg. Its load capacity is much higher than its own weight – it can transport one and a half tons at a time. A separate advantage of the robot is the wheel arrangement, which allows the robot not to waste space and time to turn. If necessary, it simply begins to move sideways.

The Russian warehouse robot will be on sale in November next year.


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