FinBringer and Softline Venture Partners representatives will judge Startup Battle

FinBringer and Softline Venture Partners representatives will judge Startup Battle

Introducing two more judges of the Startup Battle at Robotics Expo! Meet Alexander Rukin and Dmitry Polyakov!

Alexander Rukin is a member of a supervisory council, an advisor and representative of several American blockchain startups in Moscow, an evangelist of the asset tokenization protocol, a team leader at the industrial blockchain center and the founder of FinBringer.

Dmitry Polyakov is a deputy director at Softline Venture Partners fund.

Experts talked about criteria for choosing startups, important presentation details and examples of projects that have already received support from FinBringer and Softline Venture Partners.

What projects do you give preference to?

Alexander Rukin (AR): We give preference to content projects that can organically fit into our product advertising elite. We also consider projects in such areas as virtual, augmented reality, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, fintech.

Dmitry Polyakov (DP): We invest in IT projects on the early development stages and help them reach the stage of steady growth. With the help of expert advice, access to a large contacts database of Softline Venture Partners and making a clear "road map", projects develop much faster and achieve their goals earlier.

What projects have you already invested in and why?

AR: One example is portal, which we bought in 2014 and built a network of satellite sites around it. In general, we invested in automobile and financial portals, a real estate portal, and a cryptocurrency portal. We also invest in real economy sectors.

DP: Softline Venture Partners experts invest in projects from different areas, like cloud computing, cybersecurity, e-commerce, large data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, as well as financial and regulatory technologies. Our projects include Stakhanovets, Online Patent, WhatsHelp, ActivePlatform, Finvale.

What would you like to hear from startupers in their presentation?

AR: I want to hear a well-reasoned and detailed presentation, which will answer all questions from the judges before they even ask them.

DP: A very important component of a presentation is talking about the idea, the project, the team, your plans and ambitions.

Now you know even more about a successful presentation for the Startup Battle, so apply for participation right now!

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