Vladimir Beliy, the developer of the revolutionary project AlphaBot, to speak at Robotics Expo 2013


One of the first to join the team of experts of Robotics Expo was Vladimir Beliy, the founder of Russia's first anthropomorphic robot, the CEO of Alpha Smart Systems, a specialist in android robots, a robotics guru.

Vladimir Beliy devoted most of his life to robotics and intelligence systems. He specializes in the blue ocean projects (start-ups with no competitors in the market).

In 2010, he received British Invention Award for his contribution to science.

At the moment Vladimir Beliy is developing and implementing the new age concept – AlphaBot project. The specialistbelieves that robots and humans are inextricably connected in various contexts, ranging from daily life issues to global processes.

European magazine “Planet of Robots” has recognized the design of the Russian robot AlphaBot as the best in the world and recommended it for making science fiction films.

Alpha Smart Systems now is taking orders for the personal robotic assistant AlphaBot which will be the only robot in the world with built-in intelligent human interaction system Human Reader.

Robotics Expo 2013 brings you the unique opportunity to hear the report of the roboticist and the creator of the first anthropomorphic robot.

On 24-25 October, the exhibition of robotics and advanced technology Robotics Expo 2013 will be a unique platform where you can learn all about the industry innovations first-hand, establish business contacts and close deals.

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